1. Introduction
ITC First Aid Ltd (ITC) is committed to providing services that embrace diversity, promote equality of
opportunity and assessments that are based on requirements only and do not discriminate against anyone.

The purpose of this policy is to explicitly state how this commitment and current legislations are to be
applied by ITC Awarding Body and ITC Centres and Providers to ITC training courses, qualifications
and assessment practice.

1.1 This policy covers 3 broad areas:
Equality is where people are treated fairly and given an equal opportunity, it is not about treating
everyone in the same way, but recognises that needs can be met in different ways. Equality focuses
on those areas covered by the law, namely the key areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief,
sexual orientation and age. Legislation seeks to prevent discrimination in all these areas, ITC believes
we all have a duty to promote equality and remove discrimination in race, gender and disability.

Diversity is about recognising, valuing and managing individual differences to enable everyone to
contribute in their own way feeling comfortable with and understanding various different needs.

Access to Assessment is about designing inclusive vocational qualifications from the outset and then
providing good practice guidance and regulations relating to candidates who are eligible for reasonable
adjustments in assessment or who require special considerations.

1.2 Scope
In order to operate in the QCF and potentially develop qualifications using a variety of units assessed
by different methods aimed at diverse candidates, ITC has developed this up to date coherent policy
statement, with implementation procedures that can be evaluated for effectiveness summarised. This
policy will be applied to all potential qualifications rather than just first aid qualifications.

This document(P8 v2) supplants previous ITC Equality & Diversity policies.

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