Travel and Gap Year First aid

Joy has travelled and worked extensively in various countries including Peru, Malawi, India Thailand, South Africa, USA, Chile, New Zealand Australia, both back packing, cycle touring and as a volunteer in a children’s home and therefore teaches from experience.

Basic First Aid

  • What to take away in your First Aid kit
  • How to manage an accident to yourself or others
  • How to assess a casualty
  • How to deal with an unconscious casualty
  • How and when to use the recovery position
  • How to give CPR
  • How to deal with choking, bleeding and head injuries

Travel Specific First Aid

  • Medication you may like to take with you
  • Dealing with snake bites and insect bites
  • Avoiding malaria and other infectious diseases abroad
  • Dealing with wounds from trekking, coral or fungal infections
  • Optional: Paediatric module for those working with children under 8

All candidates will be able to practise their skills on resuscitation mannequins, apply bandages to each other and perfect the recovery position in different settings.

The course leads to a 3 year qualification as a first aider, if you do not want this, but an attendance only certificate the course costs less.

One day £75 ( or £55 without qualification)

Two day £130 ( £100 without qualification)