ITC Advanced Outdoors First Aid (18 hrs)

This course is designed especially for the outdoor person who may be away from immediate help for some time. It covers requirements for the outdoor national governing body Instructor awards, making you advanced at the basics and skillful at techniques. It builds upon previous knowledge enhancing casualty monitoring techniques and extending incident management skills. Candidates will have had previous experience of Outdoor First Aid training.

Topics include: Managing incidents safely, proactively interpreting vital signs, dealing with unconsciousness in hostile environments, resuscitation adult/child urban/remote, aed, improvisation and managing injury and illness, dealing with the environment, scenario based outdoor training, disaster planning and triage.

Training includes:

  • 18 hours tutor contact time
  • 1:12 tutor to candidate ratio
  • Interactive hands on training
  • Easy to follow, comprehensive individual course booklet
  • Course can be tailored for mountain, snow, water or cavesport
  • Convenient midweek or weekend courses
  • Certificate valid for 3 years