These courses are aimed for parents, baby sitters Aunts and grandparents so as to equip them with basic Baby and Child First Aid skills.

Children and babies are falling over and hurting them selves all the time and this course gives  practical training to know what to do when the incidents happen.

Courses are  either run at Homerton College, Cambridge or in Lode Chapel from 10am to 1pm to fit in with child care needs or 7 to 10pm for for who work during the day.

First Aid training for Parents and Grandparents

Course 1 Resuscitation, breathing and what to do if the heart stops.

This will cover vital signs, what a safe airway position is and how to give CPR to either babies (under 1 year olds) or Children (up to puberty)

In this course will will cover all the basics of what to do if you think your child or baby:

  • has stopped being concious and is not responding to your voice or touch
  • has stopped breathing

We will cover the differences between children and babies and you will be actively involved in practising on each other and manikins finding out what to do.

Lode Chapel or Homerton College Hills Road Cambridge

Cost: £25

Course 2 Choking, Bleeding and what to do if you think a bone is broken.

In this course we will cover what to do if you think your child or baby:

  • is choking
  • is bleeding
  • has broken or might have broken a bone

This will cover what to do if something is stuck in a baby of child’s windpipe, how to cope with mirror and major bleeds and what to do if you think a bone if broken or twisted.

Cost £25

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