First Aid at Work (3 days)

This course leads to a 3 year, level 3 certificate in First Aid at Work. It is a requirement by the Health & Safety Executive of all workplaces who have over 50 employees to have staff who are trained to this level. All schools by law have to have staff who hold the 3 day First Aid at Work certificate if they have more than 50 employees.

First Aiders can act to prevent situations becoming worse and can reduce potential sick leave through prompt emergency action. They will be able to use provided First Aid equipment with confidence.

Course Aims
To enable students to get help and give safe, prompt and effective First Aid to a casualty in the workplace following an injury or illness using materials to hand.

Are valid for three years. It is strongly recommended by the HSE that candidates undergo an annual refresher in the years before revalidation is required in order to keep your skills updated.

Course Content

  • Vital Signs – breathing, level of consciousness, temperature, colour
  • Airway Management – causes and treatment of unconscious collapse
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Breathing issues
  • Circulation issues – controlling external bleeding and treatment for shock
  • Incident Management – a systematic approach to managing First Aid incidents
  • Minor Injuries – small cuts, grazes and bruises, minor burns and scalds, small splinters
  • Major Injuries – injuries to bones including suspected spinal injuries, chest injuries
  • Major burns and scalds
  • Eye injuries – including how to irrigate an eye
  • Sudden poisoning and anaphylactic shock
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Safe best practice – minimise the risk if infection
  • Record keeping – recording accidents, RIDDOR, First Aid kits, disposing safely of clinical waste
  • Awareness of current regulations

Registration and Course dates
If you are interested in this course please email as course can be arrange to suit students time tables and dates.